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Tick Medicine

Frontline Plus
Price: $42.70 - $45.61
MSRP: $49.99

Frontline Plus is a monthly topical flea and tick preventative for dogs and cats. Frontline Plus kills 100% of adult fleas on your pet within 12 hours and 100% of all ticks and chewing lice within 48 hours. Frontline Plus contains an insect growth regulator, S-methoprene, which kills flea eggs and larvae. It’s effective against all stages of the brown dog tick, the American dog tick, the lone star tick and the deer tick (the major carrier of Lyme disease). (3 Pack = 3 doses which lasts 3 months.)

For: Cats/Kittens and Dogs/Puppies (8 weeks of age and older)

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K9 AdvantixII
Price: $50.95 - $52.40
MSRP: $62.49

K9 Advantix II is a once-a-month topical application for dogs and puppies that REPELS and kills ticks, fleas, and mosquitoes. K9 Advantix II contains imidacloprid, permethrin and pyriproxyfen that work in concert to REPEL and kill parasites that can potentially transmit disease-causing organisms.

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NexGard Chewables
Price: $57.00
MSRP: $79.99
  • First ever flea and tick preventative from the makers of Frontline that comes in a tasty beef-flavored chew
  • No more messy topical preventatives, and no more worrying about washing off your dog's flea protection
  • Safe, effective, FDA-approved, and lasts for 30 days
  • Can be taken alongside heartworm medication
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Price: $47.55 - $54.34
MSRP: $57.49 - $63.74

Revolution is a safe and simple monthly topical medication used to protect your pet from heartworms, fleas, and ear mites. It also protects dogs from ticks and sarcoptic mange and cats from roundworms and hookworms. Revolution for Dogs and Cats requires a prescription from your veterinarian. Please GIVE US YOUR PETS NAME, VET NAME, PHONE & FAX FOR PRESCRIPTION in the field provided upon checkout!

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Price: $54.99
MSRP: $0.00

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